UCLA Anderson Healthcare Conference 2019


VITALS: UCLA Anderson Healthcare Conference

The UCLA Anderson HBA Healthcare Conference is one of the largest university-led healthcare events in Southern California, connecting 300+ business professionals, students and members of academia.  Panels and keynotes feature marquee executives, thinkers and practitioners from a diversity of organizations influencing the future of healthcare.

Recap of VITALS 2019: Intersections of Healthcare

Healthcare, one of today’s most debated topics, intersects with the technology, finance, public policy, social impact and retail industries. These intersections influence everything from patient experience to pharmaceutical pricing and shape how consumers interact with the healthcare system. This conference provided education about the changes coming to the healthcare industry as a result of these dynamic connections.

Keynotes from Kent Thiry, CEO of Davita and Cynthia Patton, Chief Compliance Officer of Amgen. Fireside Chat with Dr. Susan Love, Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. 



UCLA Carnesale Commons
251 Charles E Young Drive West,
Los Angeles, CA 90095

 Panel Topics

Emerging Applications for Big Data & AI in Health IT

Healthcare organizations are embracing the power of big data analytics and bulking up their health IT structure. This panel examined the use of big data and artificial intelligence in novel ways to improve clinical research, population health management, patient engagement and care coordination. Our panelists shared their insights from the perspectives of biopharma, providers and innovators.  


Technology and innovation have always created a natural intersection between health care and entrepreneurship. However, the complexities of the industry can result in a difficult road. This panel discussed some of the issues start-ups face that make the industry unique and explore why these challenges are enticing to aspiring health care entrepreneurs.

Social Impact

As health care advancements continue to occur at a rapid pace, misalignment between patient and provider needs, as well as the disparity in access to health care, remain ever-increasing challenges. This panel served to explore the intersection between health care and social innovation, and how this is positively reforming the patient experience and addressing unmet needs.    


Traditional consumer-oriented companies are moving into the health care sector, building on their existing modes of distribution. Additionally, a range of startups are creating new use cases for patient care delivery. We discussed these developments with a panel of leaders in telemedicine, mobile health, and health care navigators. Topics centered on evolving use cases for patient-centered care delivery, and how consumerism is informing this sector.  

Private Capital

From seed funding, to series A through C funding, to private equity transactions, private capital plays an ever-growing role in shaping the future of health care. This panel featured California based executives who provided insight into West Coast opportunities, a pulse on the current health care market, and an outlook of future investments in health care, ranging from retail health and pharmaceuticals to digital health and provider clinic acquisitions.

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