About HBA @ UCLA Anderson

The Healthcare Business Association (HBA) at UCLA Anderson School of Management provides professional connections and education to students interested in the business of healthcare through career and social events. HBA prepares members to successfully recruit and advance their careers in healthcare-related fields, whether they are interested in healthcare products, (e.g., pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device) and/or services (e.g., consulting, provider, payer). Additionally, the HBA leverages and engages its strong alumni and industry connections to provide broad exposure to the intersection of healthcare with other disciplines, such as technology, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship.

Our organization consists of over 150 full-time, fully employed and executive MBAs, and continues to attract students in the greater UCLA community. The HBA aims to serve as a nexus for healthcare industry information exchange at UCLA and in the greater business community as we help prepare the next leaders in healthcare.  

For questions about membership, please contact the VP of Admissions.